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Investor Offerings

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Strategic Priorities

Focus Areas

Commercial and Residential Internet Availability, Availability of Affordable Housing, Business Startup Environment (Secondary businesses), Business Incubators

Business Supplies Design

Business Retention Expansion Attraction (BREA): Focus on primary businesses and stage 2 companies to ensure talent and business retention as well as resources expand.


Stakeholder Engagement and Fundraising:

Ensure the expectations of the investors are met, and Market Van Buren is growing and stable.


Site Development (Industrial & Residential):

Ensure availability and readiness of vacant sites for business attraction and expansion efforts to drive population growth.


Advocacy, Education, and Alignment:

Inform policy and lawmakers about the issues that are impacting our communities, remove obstacles, and create solutions for our region.

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Your investment. Our promise.

Direct Impact


  • Government affairs support

  • Grant writing technical assistance (see grant page for details)

  • State and local incentive expertise

    • Government incentives can be complex to navigate. Let our team help.

  • Business referral & promotional services

  • Project support and guidance

  • Annual discovery meeting and update to your leadership or board

  • Annual social media spotlight of your organization (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn)

  • 2 Tickets to Market One’s Signature Annual Event

  • Preferred access to Market One events & trainings

  • Data support (demographic, economic trends and predictions, workforce, etc.)

  • View us as an extension of your team. We’re here to help you with issues that exceed your internal expertise. If we can’t solve it, we have a network of partners that can.


Collective Impact


We are focused on providing solutions to the most pressing needs in our community that impact your organization, including:

  • Rural Broadband

  • Housing

  • Downtown Resurgence

  • Talent Attraction & Retention

  • Regulatory, State, & Local Resources

  • Industry 4.0 & AI

  • Ensuring Cass and Van Buren county’s voices are heard at the Regional, State, & National level

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Suggested Private Sector Contribution Levels

If you fall within these levels and contribute at the suggested levels you will receive full access to investor benefits. 

$1,000 Entrepreneurs and Start Ups

$5,000 Less than 250 employees or $25 million in revenue

$2,500 Less than 100 employees or $10 million in revenue

$7,500 Less than 500 employees or $50 million in revenue

$10,000 Less than 1,000 employees or $100 million in revenue

$12,500 Less than 1,500 employees or $150 million in revenue

$15,000 Greater than 1,500 employees or $150 million in revenue

Public Sector Contribution Levels are set based on formula by Taxable Value and Population. Please ask Market One staff for your contribution level.  

Business Meeting

Contact our team to get started

(269) 215-4861

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Thank You to Our Investors

Almena Township
Anterro Group
Antwerp Township
Barber Packaging
Bloomingdale Comm
Burnette Foods
Cass County
Charles River Laboratories
City of Bangor (DDA/EDC)
City of Hartford
City of South Haven
Consumers Energy
Covert Township

EQ United

Getman Corporation
Gray Matter
Great Lakes Belting
Honee Bear Canning
Honor Credit Union
Huntington Bank
Lakes & Country
Lawrence Township
Lounsbury Excavating
Mercantile Bank
Michigan Gas Utilities
Owen Ames Kimball

Paw Paw Township
Peat's Cider

Quality Assured Plastics

St. Julian's

Schley Nelson Architects
South Haven Area Chamber of Commerce
South Haven Township
Steelhead Solar, LLC
Sturgis Bank & Trust
Tapper Automotive

Tri-Mation Industries

Van Buren County
Village of Bloomingdale
Village of Cassopolis
Village of Decatur
Village of Edwardsburg
Village of Lawrence
Village of Lawton
Village of Mattawan
Village of Paw Paw (DDA)
Vertical Beverage

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