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Market One Media Kit

As a subsidiary of Kinexus Group, a non-profit serving individuals, businesses, and communities around the state of Michigan, Market One has principal responsibilities for economic and community development throughout Cass and Van Buren counties. We connect people, investments, and organizations with strategies and services that improve the quality of life and economic conditions in our region, specifically in our two-county service area. Our team focuses on developing strategies that will allow our communities to thrive by addressing needs related to workforce, community, and business development by working collaboratively with regional organizations to maximize economic growth.

Kinexus Group formally began a partnership with Van Buren County to assume the economic development activities throughout Van Buren County in 2016 and formally launched Market Van Buren in 2019 to continue advancing the development of the county. In 2021, Market Van Buren began supporting Cass County with economic development efforts and by 2023, we launched a more formal partnership.


To celebrate the organization’s five-year anniversary and the expansion into Cass county, Market Van Buren was rebranded to Market One, symbolizing the counties joint effort in advancing the region through economic and community development.

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